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December 13, 2016
www.ceo.kerala.gov.in is an official website of Kerala state election commission's Voter ID Card Online registration 2016.

  • Website URL: www.ceo.kerala.gov.in or www.ceokerala.nic.in
  • Maintained by: Kerala state election commission
  • Chief Electoral Officer: E. K. Majhi IAS
  • Uses: addition, transfer, modify of Voter lists
  • Total Voters in 2011: 22878767 (10959115 - Male and 11919652 female)
  • Starting Date of Online Registration:
  • Last Date of Online Registration:
  • Publishing Final Electoral Roll: after 10 January 2017 (Old: 14 Jan 2016)
  • Voter ID Card Online registrationhttp://www.ceo.kerala.gov.in/eregistration.html
  • How to Apply (Guidelines in Malayalam): http://www.ceo.kerala.gov.in/pdf/eregistration/GUIDELINES_IN_MALAYALAM.pdf
  • Verify or Search Voter List
  • Call center phone number: 1950 (9 am to 5 pm)
  • Email: contactus@ceo.kerala.gov.in

Chief Electoral Office Address
Dept.: Election Department
Building: Kerala Legislative Complex
Place: Vikas Bhavan Post Office
City: Thiruvananthapuram
PIN: 695033
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Voter ID Card Online Registration Forums
  • Form-6 (new addition)
  • Form-6A (new addition overseas elector)
  • Form-8 (Modify)
  • Form-8A (Transfer)
  • Form-7 (objection)


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C.Balagopal MOD

Sir, I am an engineer working in Middle East. Now presently I am in Kerala for leave. I want to enroll my name in voter’s list. If you kindly provide the details of documents to be submitted and the procedures to be followed, it would have been a great help to me.

vinoth kumar MOD

I was born in Chennai during 1980, because my family were settled Chennai during that time. Now family settled in Kollam dist. Presently I am working in Dubai as an Engineer and my family in Kerala, I would like to enroll my name for Election ID. Please give me your suggestion for the above said at the earliest.

Ravindran Pillai MOD

Presently I am in Saudi Arabia and well before I was in Madhya Pradesh and I sold all my property in MP. When I was in MP I got the pass port from Bhopal, but now it is expiring very soon and I have to renew the pass port in the month of Feb-2011, for this I need ID card for address proof. I have residence in Kerala but in the ration card there was no name of mine. How can I get the voters id to enable me to renew the pass port in Kerala.

I am coming to India by 3rd week of Jan-2011 and have to renew my pass port immediately within one month to come back for my duty in Saudi. Please advise how I can get the id and when I can apply for the ID card. Please reply on my mail id.


I am Varun.k studying engineering in Tamil Nadu. Now presently I am in Tamil Nadu. I’ve submitted application for voter’s card, but couldn’t come to collect the card on dec 13. I was having university exams at that time. I’m coming to Karala on jan 14 (Pongal). So please advise me how I can get the id and when I can apply for the ID card.


I was not able to appear for the document variation as I had registered my application as online. What can I do to enroll my name in voters list?

Muhammed Shafi.K.K MOD

By my ignorance I couldn’t enroll my name in the previous voters list. I would like to enroll my name & required new ID card as well, this time. What I have to do for that?


I was born in Chennai 1958.Now i have retired and settled in my own house at Kakanadu in Cochin after serving in Indian Navy for 35 years. I would like to apply for voters ID card for self and wife and also for ration card. Could you please advice me the procedures to obtain both.

roshan jacob thomas MOD

I am studying in Bangalore I am 20 years old. I need a voter’s id. I have completed all the formalities; I have not submitted my photo as yet. I’m not in a position to come to Kerala as my exams are going on. Please provide me details about the procedure I must follow to provide my photo.

aiman aboobacker MOD

I am a degree student. I lost my first chance for making ID due to ill. So now I am very happy with this second chance. So I would like to enroll my name in voter’s list and make an ID before next Kerala assembly election in 2011.


I am working in Middle East from long time. I am highly appreciated to know that I can enroll my name in list. I like to enroll my name and get an IC as soon as possible. I will be in my home town Ernakulam in April 2011. Will it be possible for me to vote in the coming election?


I am Samraj I would like to enroll my name in election list and also required IC. Hence I wish know the application accept date and its formality.


I’m Teena Thomas. I am 19 now. I am a native of Kerala and my parents also. But my parents name wasn’t there in last year election commission list. They both have IC and used to vote before the last one so what I will do to get my IC. So I kindly request you to enroll my name, and my parents name in election commission list.

P.sudarsanan MOD

I am an existing voter in 133, LAC. Due to change of residence I enrolled my name at the new station which is in the same LAC. When I approached at the Election Section of Thiruvananthauram Taluk Office for the new IC on 25tb February 2011 at 4.15 p m the officer in charge of the issue of IC told me that he couldn’t consider my request because of his workload. Sir, it is very inconvenience not only to me but other voters also. Please take necessary steps for the speedy issue of ICs. There was not having sufficient Officers for hearing us.


I am an engineering student studying in Chennai but I am a native of Kerala. How to apply online for my voter IC and when to apply and what are the other procedures.

K. Chandra Kumar MOD

I was serving in CISF (MHA) and retired from service on 31st Aug’2010. I am in possession of Voter IC issued by UP State Authority of Ghaziabad. I would like to surrender the same and a new one may be issued through Muvattupuzha Taluk. My constituency is Piravom Mandalam.

reghunadhan nair MOD

I was settled with my family in Nashik, Maharashtra. Now I am in Dubai. I need to get an IC. I have an IC of Maharashtra. Can u please suggest what should I do? Here in Kerala I just made a home and so we don’t have a ration card.


Sir, I was born on 28th Feb 1953. I travel in and out of India. I could not enroll my name for IC. When can I do It? I live in Kalamassery, Cochin.

arold Wilson Vattoli MOD

Respected Sir, I am a 46 years old retired Army person belongs from Kannur Dist, Payyanur Consistency. I am temporarily settled in Ambala Cantt (HR) with my family. I would like to apply for an electoral IC, can it possible on online. If it possible how to apply?


Sir, I am an engineering student currently in my last year. I am in Ernakulam, 21 years old and want to apply for a voter's id. I couldn't do this the last time because of my exams. Is it possible to apply online? If not please advise me on other methods.


I am working in Gujarat and I am going to take VRS from my present employer and wish to settle down at my home town where we have our own home. I have EPIC here in Gujarat and how can I get EPIC in Kerala at my home town.

V Gopalakrishnan MOD

In today's Hindu, there is an ad saying that the old ID cards can be made new with colour photos. This can be done through your website, it says. But in the website there is no arrangement done. Please help.


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