10 Best websites to spend time on the internet

Yesterday after spending too much time on Instagram I decided to find a few more interesting websites on the internet. So if you are bored like me with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram take a look at these fun websites which will surely help you to gather the world around you and obviously pass time

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It is a really fascinating website with live streaming cameras all around the world. You can admire the animal kingdom in Africa or can dive deep to see the aquatic world. The website also provides you with information about the location, weather, and FAQs. The comment section is one of the interesting parts of this website. So, stick to the browser and no one knows you may find Saber-toothed cat lurking from the bushes….hahaha.

I spent more than 3 hours watching elephants from Tembe Elephant Park in Africa and realized that how well behave and social creatures are they. Yes, we saw them on Discovery and Animal Planet, but watching them live with an unedited version is a different experience.



Truly amazing concept. The website is equipped with few sound pieces according to “Morning” and “Night” mood. Just play any combination of rhythm, harmony, bass, and melody to compose music. See how beautiful randomness may sound. It is still an ongoing project.

Click on “Randomize” and application will automatically select random soundtracks and also keep changing them for you, so you can enjoy uninterrupted music while doing other works.



Let’s reveal the artist inside you. Malmal.io will give you a canvas to draw your imagination and let people around the world see your creativity. The website says, “malmal” means “draw something” (in german), So take a bush, gather your thoughts and start doodling. The website also gives you the chance to draw with others on a publicly shared canvas. If you don’t want to draw, just scroll around to see what others did. There is no restriction on what you draw, except few social etiquettes.

There is no need to be professional, allow the child inside you to scribble.



Actually archive.org deserves number one place in this list. It is a huge collection of nearly “everything” on the internet. From old forgotten videos, audios to images, text, and books. From Softwares to arcade-style games. You have stacks of contents to get lost in. This website is like an old basement you found under your apartment after so many years. I am sure this website is going to buy your time once you start exploring your interesting section.

One section I liked the most was the Internet Arcade. You will find many old computer video games here and yes, you can play online.



Want to read books online? and free? Yes, this place is for you. Manybooks.net provides an extensive library of books on many genres in digital format for free on the Internet. Some of its collection is from the Gutenberg project (check wiki), so you will find more classic stuff here. Manybooks.net also provides a platform for self-publishing authors to introduce their work in the community.

You can download ebooks in .mobi format to directly use on Amazon kindle. Other than that you will get many formats like epub, azw3, fb2, pdb, pdf, html, rtf, and txt.



Now it’s time for some tummy treat. Supercook.com is a food recipe site but different in its own way. Not like other food websites where you find a recipe and start collecting required ingredients; instead, Supercook gives you recipe based on available ingredients. In short, just select your ingredients from a huge list and Supercook instantly finds matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites. So we saved your time….right? enjoy cooking then.



If you like the aquatic world then you will surely like this website. The team behind Ocearch.org tags aquatic animals including shark, whale, turtle, dolphin, and keeps track of their movements and migratory pathways. It is interesting to see how these creatures travel in world oceans or wander around the coast. We can learn many things like their behaviour, reactions to environmental changes, breeding areas, etc. from these data logs.



Another website with pleasant sounds on our list. Mynoise.net is a collection of unique sound pieces that will surely make you go deep into the world of memories. Some melodies are so beautiful and relaxing that they will make you feel the surrounding. Some of the sounds you gonna find on mynoise.net are a mixture of background noises you ignored consciously but your unconscious mind stored them somewhere for you. You will also get the information about sound and testimonials by others.



Another amazing website on our list. Howstuffworks.com will keep you busy in finding answers you ever wanted. Opens knowledge box and you will start exploring things you probably ignored before or unaware of. The website actually consists of easy-to-understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works and how things move around you.



Imgur.com is the mix collection of digital contents from trending topics to funny memes. It’s where you’ll find the funniest and informative images, GIFs, and visual stories. Instagram people will be more comfortable here, but imgur.com serves more than that. It also provides you with the platform to share information under every topic, so you can discuss and comment.

The most attractive part on the website’s page is their never-ending stream of topics. So, keep scrolling it.


While making this list we checked many websites throughout the internet and shortlisted these ten based on few considerations. If you feel, that you know any website that deserves a place in this list, please feel free to comment.

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