5 Websites for Indian readers

After writing a post on the internet’s best websites (check here), I had an idea to list down a few websites for Indian readers. So, here is the shortlist of websites you will find interesting.

Incredible India

Yes, from commercials you have heard of this website, but have you ever visited it? This website is the biggest encyclopedia for the tourists want to explore India. Even if you are not planning to travel, surfing this website will give you a feel of satisfaction. From popular destinations to famous cuisines in different states, from spiritual places to wildlife sanctuaries, incredibleindia.org covers everything you want to know about India.

If any of your foreign friends ask “what to see in India?” just pass him this web address.


National Gallery of Modern Art

Visiting this website is like a one day trip to the museum. Modern art was a trend started roughy in the 18th century (to end of 19th). The main purpose of the NGMA (National Gallery of Modern Art) is to promote modern art in the country. Website is a collection of books, photographs, and audiovisual material which is vast and eclectic.


Rare Book Society of India

Let’s read something interesting, and what if it’s rare? Yes, RBSI (The Rare Book Society of India) is a virtual space for rare book collectors and history buffs to read, discuss, rediscover and download lost books. Despite being an ancient literary civilization and having one of the largest literary treasures of hand-written and printed material, India does not have a single Society for rare book collectors. This website is an attempt to create a forum where those elusive connoisseurs come together to discuss and share their knowledge of Indian rare books.

This website consists of everything you consider rare from books, articles, maps, to images, artifacts and much more.


Virtual Museum Of Images and Sound

This is one of the fascinating website on the list. It is a reflection of the physical world created in the space of virtual reality. The audience can interactively access the collection of art, music, bibliography, and information in the format of images, audio and video logs. The ‘Exhibitions’ section will give you a complete tour of shows on Indian art and architecture.

The website provides you Timeline option where you can actually find out monuments located in different locations of India with their century of creation.


Archaeological Survey Of India

How many archaeological sites do you know in India? How many archaeological museums India have? Which monuments in India are in the list of world heritage sites? Asi.nic.in will provide you answers for that. The complete website is dedicated to archaeological researches happening in India. Archaeological Survey of India comes under the Ministry of Culture.

Similar website: www.indiaculture.nic.in


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