And that’s how Mirzapur became India’s Game Of Thrones

Hey guys, this time we are talking about web series, Mirzapur and I just finished its second season on Amazon Prime Video. In this article, I will make sure not to disclose storyline or ruin anyone’s enthusiasm if you still haven’t seen season 2.

What a spicy season this time. I guarantee once you start watching you will not stop till the last episode. Director Mihir Desai and Gurmmeet Singh did a fantastic job for season 2. Despite season 1 became slightly boring at some points season 2 does a good recovery. Same like the first part this season is also full of violence, thrill, action and drama (with little skin show to entertain). But the story and small shock moments really keeps you wanting for more. With introducing some more characters in this season, the writer took good care not to revolve around a single-family or revenge but pull your interest in other happenings.

At some points, you may find continuity issues, like current screenplay not at all explains the effects of previous actions. Some killings or scenes are completely unwanted. And you may start asking yourself what about that? no one noticed it? why was that? but still, your patience is a virtue.

Completely different from the first season (where two badasses started to gain power), this time Mirzapur season 2 reminds you Game Of Thrones. Yes, but seasoned with Indian masala. Everyone is chasing for the throne of Mirzapur. Obviously, not that much wow factor like we experienced while watching GOT, but writers have had kept GOT in mind that’s for sure. funda includes introducing too many characters, the storyline that includes more than one family and the tragic deaths of important characters as story forwards. Same like GOT’s ending episode, Mirzapur season 2 also ends with an incomplete or loosely written script, everything is intentionally packed up. It will give you a trauma to see a few characters having unnecessary deaths.

Spoiler alert, from the last episode of season 2, it is very clear that series has not ended yet.

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