Contagion – A must-see movie during the Coronavirus pandemic

The film, which came out over nine years ago, seems like science fiction at that time, but today it seems that the same story has come to life. 2011 released thriller and drama based movie Contagion shows the picture of an unknown virus outbreak and series of events happened afterwords in different levels of society. Considering the current scenario, the movie had precisely predicted the circumstances.

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Movie plot starts with the second day of an outbreak; people falling seriously ill in a different parts of the world including Chicago, Hongkong, London, and others. Meanwhile, a woman travels from Hongkong to Minneapolis via Chicago unknowingly passing the infection to whoever comes in contact during travel.

Like real-life COVID-19, movie’s virus MEV-1 shows the same symptoms like dry cough, throat infection, high fever and respiratory disorders; spread through coughing, sneezing, and direct contact of a patient or infected material. But taking one step further, this reel virus affects the human nervous system and destroys the brain tissues causing trauma or brain haemorrhage to the patient and eventually death within a few days.

Comparing current conditions happening outside, you will find many similarities in the movie. Like the phrases as Social Distancing, Home Quarantine, Lockdown, Incubation Period; All experts suggesting to wash hands regularly and not to touch your face; You will see people with masks throughout the movie. As a security measure, many states close their borders, shut down schools, colleges and public places. Ohhh… Is this the same world we all are living right now?

The part of the movie that forces you to think is aftermath of the outbreak. On one hand, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) are working on a war footing to prevent increasing mortality rate day by day, and on the other hand, unproven claims of media, politicians, big pharmaceutical companies put more fire in the situation; civilized people tears down the standards and struggles violently for existence.

The movie also tries to cover some future aspects after the pandemic, which seems to be unrealistic at this time but you never know a thin line between reality and fiction may disappear in future.

Burial of infected dead bodies – Movie scene

The film at some points creeps in the second half. Society falls to anarchy in a very short period of time, and the invention of vaccine becomes a sudden heroic attempt which makes the second half more dramatic than realistic. But in the last two minutes, it once again draws your attention to show how exactly the virus spreads from bats to humans which is staggering.

Overall movie is a great piece of careful observations and predictions wrapped in a package of thrill. Despite zombie legacy in Hollywood, Contagion doesn’t leave its reality plot which makes it a must-see movie in the current coronavirus pandemic.

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